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Preparation for TKT Module 1

Get ready to take the Teaching Knowledge Test, an invaluable international qualification for practicing or aspiring teachers of English to speakers of other languages.

Take a step forward in your professional development as a teacher of English to speakers of other
languages by taking this course of preparation for an international recognized qualification.

Nota: este curso es de preparación del examen solamente. Contacte la administración de Instituto Windsor para el costo del registro y aplicación del examen oficial del TKT

¿Qué aprenderé?

Dirigido a:

This easily- accessible, self-study course provides a concise and thorough review of the core concepts and terminology for describing language in the areas of phonetics, lexis, grammar semantics and pragmatics.

The material in each of the 16 lessons of the course is clearly explained and supported by practice activities, with the corresponding answer keys that will help to consolidate your knowledge of the English language.

This is first course In a 2 course series that aim at readying you for the TKT. Module 1 examination. The second course deals with parts 1 and 2 of the examination.

Ancla 1

Al culminar el taller, se le otorgará a cada

estudiante un diploma que acredite las 20 horas de estudio.



20 Hrs.

Forma de estudio

- 2 horas de encuentro sincrónico a la semana

3 horas de auto estudio a la semana


en linea


Octubre 2023
Enero 2024
Abril 2024
Julio 2024
octubre 2024


$1,250.00 MXN

$59.00 USD

Pago único

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